Opinions needed!

My first show of the season is next weekend. It seems that no matter what type of show I do - big, small, outdoors, indoors - customers buy cards. When I do shows, my cards are $3 each or three for $8. Almost everyone buys three.

So, since I'm a little worried about what the economy is going to do to craft shows this year, it makes sense to make more of what sells.

The card below is a little different that what I've offered in the past. I tend to believe in the "less is more" philosophy - at least in terms of design. What do you think?


Little Flower Designs said...

hi! i love the paisley!! very nice!
i agree, making what sells is kindof the point when doing shows - it's also a good time to test out new items before you market them online or elsewhere. and the price is right on! goodluck!!I'll try to stop by, i'm going to try to check out the new hope show that day, so maybe I'll drive down to yardley : )

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

You know I'm mad about your paisley pattern, and I love the flower accent. I really like the design as a whole, but there's a tiny disconnect for me with the cloud effect behind the lettering - like the paisleys are one audience and the cloud effect is another?????

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, Linda. I hope you can come see me at Yardley!

Jan, see, that's why I put this out there. It didn't even occur to me that it would be seen as a cloud shape! It's kind of cutesy and the paisley's not (at least I don't think it is!). Thank you!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

That's sort of what I was thinking - the paisley speaks to one customer and the "cloud-but-not-cloud" speaks to another. Ultimately, a sale is a sale, but if it's not consistent with your look, is it a sale that takes you down a different path - and is that what you want? Man, oh man, man, I wrestle with with this minute to minute some days!!

tricia said...

Very nice! I like the paisley and the purple,orange, pink color scheme. I agree, less is more.

Anonymous said...

So lovely.
Yes, the paisleys are very beautiful. I have some beautiful paisley designed sari dresses which I cannot let go. Am so happy to see u apply this ethnical design on your card.
Good work.